Next public live gig:

31.05.2020 | sunday




at the bar

A-4865 Nußdorf

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Welcome @ RichieLoidl.at!

Here you are correct! Here you can live and here you can "shake"!

Here on my web page it is not my goal, to simply present myself as pianist, entertainer or artist. That would not be me, because that is only the top of the ice-berg. It is much more about the life philosophy behind it…!

"Shaking" is about a way of life, good moods, an atmosphere, grooving, swinging, dancing, dreaming, lifting off, fun, pleasure and freedom... it is a harmonious unity with the beautiful things life has to offer!

What I truly mean by this is... "read between the lines"!

I don’t plan to say much here because a picture is worth more than a thousand words, and one live gig says more than a thousand pictures - and music is the language of the soul!

So let the good times roll and...

...keep shakin'!


Richie Loidl