Next public live gig:

31.05.2020 | sunday




at the bar

A-4865 Nußdorf

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Line-Up: The best musicians and the optimal programme for every event!

Richie Loidl solo

from background bar or dinner piano, up to acrobatic show acts. Instrument: grand piano, piano or electric piano.

Richie Loidl Trio

As "solo" - including drums and contrabass.

Boogie piano session on two pianos, "pure piano" or with rhythm secion (drums, contrabass)

as above - on two pianos, respectively with partner-pianist on grand piano, piano or/and electric piano variable according to requirements. Either two pianists or full instrumentation with drums and contrabass.

Richie Loidl & friends

Everything is possible - with guests, singers or/and accompaniment. Instruments: Guitar, harps, saxophone, horns & more... By lengthy events, in succession or variable at will.

Festival ("Shake the Lake" & more)

Artistic direction, organization, staging on every scale. e.g. "Baden-Baden Boogie Nights", "Shake the Sea" in Travemünde, "Shake the Sheiks" in Dubai, "Brauhaus Boogie Nights" in Gütersloh, "Shake the Shops" in Gmunden, "Shake the Ship" on Lake Bodensee / Bregenz / MS Sonnenkoenigin,...

DJ Service

Disk-Jockey to "fade out" the event or perfect "after show party-solution". Richie Loidl or partner-DJs on turntables. Very efficient, because of "all in one package" and / or because the pa-system (sound-equipment) of band before can be used.

Bar Service ("Shake the Shake(r)")

Professinal bartending for the perfect party. Classical or trendy showbarkeeping. See "eventpartners / MBA" below.

Mood management & more (light & deco-service)

What's the best music without the right ambience? Solid and creative solutions based on long time experiences with partners who have got "the right feeling". Concernes also seating-plans, logistics and event-dramaturgy.


Franz Trattner (A/Salzburg)
Robert Kainar (A/Salzburg)
Philipp Kopmajer (A/Graz)
Christoph Buhse (D/Hamburg)


Gernot Haslauer (A/Salzburg)
James Hornsby (A/Seewalchen on Attersee, USA/Virginia)
Rocky Knauer (D/München, Canada)
Klaus Kircher (A/Salzburg)
Thomas Biller (D/Hamburg)

Other musicians / accompanists

Albert Koch (harps, voc - D/Kaiserslautern)
Robert Shumy (guit, voc - A/Wien)
Karl-Friedrich "Charly" von Hohenzollern (sax, voc - D/Sigmaringen)

Event partners

MBA-Maniac Bar Artists (Kenny Klein & Co)
Partners for light, deco, catering and more on request